Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Kate Nash/Opp Shop finds.

Last night i went to see Kate Nash.
I really love her music, but was severely disappointed when i saw her.
The sound was just sooo bad and she only played for a little over an half an hour.

But on the bright side I went to a great opp shop and got some reallly good finds.

Even though its summer here, i'll be in the UK for a year next week so
im feeling I need a tonne of warm clothes!

this dress had its $85 price tag still on! It looks like its from a little boutique somewhere.

And this! Is the best cupcake I've ever had!!


LML said...

aww thats too bad kate nash wasnt that great.. i love her music

love that dress!!! and what kind of cupcake is that? it looks soo fun!

lily said...

when you see her live you realise there isn't much musically behind her songs, but at least she seems like a lovely lady